'Ello. You can call me Speedy. I'm a Disney fanatic with a robotic side. I'm also an artist and writer with hopes of fulfilling big dreams in a big world. It may be hard and it may take a long time, but that's why I do what I do best. Tough it out and survive.
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Why is dinner at the Lannisters so awkward?

Because any two of them could have had relations and their child could be anyone in the room.


So apparently there was a rumor a while back that cr1tikal works as a substitute teacher.

Could you imagine just sitting in class, waiting for your teacher, when all of a sudden you hear

"What’s up everybody it’s Cr1tikal. Today I’m substituting Applied Chemistry, let’s do this shit,"

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Our laundry room has ants so I laid a bunch of traps and stood there mocking the ones that crawled into the traps

Is this how it feels to be starscream

there are more ants and they are in the kitchen they brought an army and my plan has backfired horribly

this IS how it feels to be starscream


Someone just proved Megatron wrong.

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